Slow Is Fast


Le Corbusier & Iannis Xenakis. A dialogue on architecture and music

Iannis Xenakis created the design of the Philips Pavilion for the 1958 World Fair in Brussels: ephemeral, with organic lines, designed when he was working under Le Corbusier, at the same time as he was creating his first musical compositions.

Through the analysis of documents, some never before seen, the author reflects on the importance of music for Le Corbusier and that of architecture for Xenakis, and helps us understand their collaboration.



Quality of manufacture, match between texts and images, correlation between form and content are defining the formal originality of our publications.

As visitors discover Le Corbusier building, they also stumble across a bookshop and soon discover that this is also a thriving publishing company.

Located in La Cité Radieuse, the publishing activity is perfectly in line with the building. Indeed, both the place and the editorial line are linked to architecture, art, town-planning and the Mediterranean City.

The company is run by Katia Imbernon, who is also in charge of the distribution. Jean-Lucien Bonillo is in charge of the commissioning and editorial processes. Preferential partners -Florence Rougny, etc.- are associated on an ad hoc basis to provide the provision of services related to graphic design and digital models.

Imbernon éditions' publications are available in its bookshop in Marseilles, through its website and during fairs and exhibitions in French and international fairs. Since 2018 Idea books has also been responsible for our international distribution and distribution.


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