Slow Is Fast

The publishing adventure began in 2001! The first title was "Fernand Pouillon, architecte Méditérrannéen" and it is with another Mediterranean architect, at least at heart, that we chose to settle, within the Housing Unit built by Le Corbusier in Marseille, at the level of the 3rd floor, dedicated to shops.« Coherence between specialisation and geographic location »

Livres urbanisme Marseille Rupture Imbernon

Livres le Corbusier

The editorial line is defined like following: it tells the history of architecture of the twentieth century, as well as the twenty-first century, through art and urban planning issues. We have always worked with the same graphic designer, Florence Rougny, at the almost regular rate of one title per year.

The catalogue of the publishing house counts twenty titles today, among which the works of Iannis Xenakis, Gustave Eiffel, Claude Parent, Eileen Gray, Le Corbusier are treated.

Each work expresses a formal originality and affirms a distinctive and recognizable identity of the publishing house.