Slow Is Fast

You have to take the time. To choose, look at a cover, read the booklet, feel the material, put the disc, listen to the sound unfold; breathe, listen to it. No one needs a vinyl to have music. Everyone needs a vinyl to live the music

« Rupture is a place where we allow everyone the freedom to listen to what they want. The place, as well as the music, must be desirable, sensual and dynamic. Rupture is in harmony with the neighbourhood, rich in artists and its curious and very varied population » - Le Figaro.


Our record shop located in rue du Vertbois, in Paris is a sublime setting inspired by the famous Drugstore Publicis de Saint-Germain.

Black glass ceiling, pink parquet floor, furniture exclusively designed by the designer reflect his vision of Paris in the 70s.

The menu is nourishing and trendy: organic coffee and tea, cold-pressed juices, Vertbois wine (Lirac red 2017).

The bar rubs shoulders with vinyl trays with thousands of references and up to 60 years of seniority, originals straight from the USA and England, the latest novelties of the most fashionable labels.