Modernism and the Mediterranean: The Maeght Foundation

Modernism and the Mediterranean: The Maeght Foundation

Situated in a Mediterranean landscape, the Maeght Foundation is a unique Modernist museum, product of an extraordinary collaboration between the architect, Jose Luis Sert, and the artists whose work was to be displayed there. The architecture, garden design and art offer a rare opportunity to see work in settings conceived in active collaboration with the artists themselves. By focusing on the relationship between this art foundation and its Arcadian setting, including Joan Miro's labyrinth, George Braque's pool, Tal-Coat's mosaic wall and Giacometti's terrace, Jan Birksted demonstrates how the building articulates many of the ideas that preoccupied this group of artists during the culminating years of their lives. The study pays special attention to the ways in which architecture can shape the experience of time, and addresses the Modernist desire for wilderness and its problematic roots in the classical Mediterranean ideal.In showing how the design of the Maeght Foundation is a Modernist representation of Mediterranean culture, Jan Birksted has developed an interpretation of architecture that accomodates not only the architect's handling of material or function, but also shows how it can be the embodiment of a particular vision of space and time.

248 x 194
Jan K. Birksted
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