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Out of the Box! Brand Experiences between Pop-Up and Flagship

Out of the Box! Brand Experiences between Pop-Up and Flagship

Innovative brand presentations from temporary pop-up shops to flagship stores. The way in which we experience and consume brands is changing more rapidly today than ever before.
The strong influence of e-commerce and the digital realm is forcing brands to rethink the traditional presentation of their wares in conventional stores. More and more companies throughout the world are exploring new concepts for the sale and presentation of their products, or they are establishing events to boost brand image.
They are increasingly searching for new ways to offer their customers brand experiences on an emotional level. Out of the Box! is an inspirational collection of solutions from around the globe that allow us to experience brands in unique ways.
These range from flagship stores, in which a vision for a brand image is implemented in real space, to makeshift pop-up shops, which celebrate the essence of a brand for a targeted audience or timeframe. The book also explores how novel approaches--including, for example, thematic sales areas in concept stores, formats that mix galleries with boutiques, mobile retail units, and event locations--are blazing all kinds of trails in current brand communication.

With 288 pages brimming with international examples, Out of the Box! shows architects, brand managers, graphic designers, and interior designers how they can effectively establish their brands in the real world in a way that results in unforgettable emotional experiences for discerning, internet-minded customers.

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