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Equilibrio: Linda Karshan ? Art, Architecture and Sacred Geometry in conversation

Equilibrio explores 25 years of artist Linda Karshan’s drawings alongside a photographic essay of the geometry found throughout the venice’s art and architecture – a theme that continually reoccurs in Karshan’s work.

Richard Davey’s writing allows the reader to see the connections in contemporary art and the legacy of art and architecture in Venice. Karshan has intensively explored geometric pattern using a ‘meditative’ technique that combines, pilates, consciousness of breath and being ‘present’.

An ideal book for anyone that is excited about drawing, architecture, the Italian Renaissance and Venice.

Davey is a real master of the written word. This book leads you through Venetian art, architecture and Karshan’s visceral drawings and illuminates the imagination like few writers can.

With additional contributions from Abbot Norberto Villa, Carmelo Grasso, Elisabetta Bresciani and a photographic essay by Sam Holgate.

2550 x 000
Beam Editions
Richard Davey (Ed.)
  • 30 €


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