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Detail 2008-3

Detail 2008-3

Building for children, whether in the form of a crèche, a nursery school or a day-care centre, certainly presents a special challenge. What architectural language is suitable? How can one lend appropriate spatial form to a pedagogic concept that seeks to impart certain values and abilities? In an environment where young people come to experience and comprehend the world around them, every aspect plays a crucial role.

Table of Contents

p. 132 Nurseries and Child-Care Centres in England author Feiersinger, Elise
p. 135 Child-Care Facilities in Finland author Nurmi, Tarja
p. 138 Building for Young Children in France author Wilson, Ariane
p. 160 Day Nurseries Between Social Welfare and Self-Determination author Susanne Hofmann
p. 168 Conversion of ''Tree of Dreams'' Nursery School in Berlin architect Baupiloten
p. 170 Company Day Nursery in Verona architect Antonio Citterio and Partners
p. 172 Kindergarten in Egg architect Dietrich Untertrifaller Architekten
p. 174 Crèche and Nursery School in Bicesse, Estoril architect Atelier Central
p. 176 Crèche and Nursery School in Covolo architect C + S Associati
p. 178 Day-Care Centre for Children in Darmstadt architect zimmermann.leber architekten
p. 180 Kindergarten in St. Martin/Eppan architect Lunz & Zöschg
p. 182 Nursery School in Marmoutier architect Coulon, Dominique
p. 188 Kindergarten in Tokio architect Tezuka Architects
p. 200 Kindergarten in Innsbruck architect Froetscher Lichtenwagner


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