Slow Is Fast

Detail 2006-7/8

Detail 2006-7/8

Editorial :

Countless custom-made parts are still hauled to building sites, where - unprotected from the weather - they are installed in a time-consuming manner. Why have these construction systems had so little impact? Is it rekated to the desire, expressed time and again (justified or unjustified), for uniqueness in architecture?

Table of Contents :

p. 756 Lightweight construction and systems author Bock, Thomas
p. 776 Modifiable Pavillion in Bonn architect Kalhöfer - Korschildgen Architekten
p. 780 Prefabricated house from Denmark architect ONV architects
p. 784 Demonstration House in Tosu-City architect Yamamoto, Riken
p. 790 Camp in Passail architect Holzbox ZT GmbH
p. 796 Temporary House in Paris architect Gaëlle Hamonic + Jean-Christophe Masson
p. 800 House in Tokyo architect Atelier Tekuto
p. 804 Prefabricated House in Lower Austria architect Steixner, Gerhard
p. 807 Mobile House in England architect mae LLP Architects
p. 810 Passenger Terminal Complex Suvarnabhumi International Airport Bangkok architect Murphy/Jahn Architects
p. 818 Survarnabhumi International Airport Bangkok - Structure and form-finding author Sobek, Werner
p. 820 Suvarnabhumi International Airport Bangkok - Innovative Climate Concept author Holst, Stefan
p. 824 Suvarnabhumi International Airport Bangkok - Engineering, Manufacturing and Installing the Membrane roof author Heeg, Manfred
p. 826 Building with Light Steel Frame Construction (LSF) author Tichelmann, Karsten Ulrich Volkwein, Jürgen


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