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[ The Art of paper folding for Pop-up ]



Prix : 38,00 euros TTC


This is more than a book. Thirty pop-up sheets held together by two screws which not only hold the book together in a visually unique package but are also easily removable, offer a feast of useful pop-ups that can be used as greeting cards, hangings, decorations, or whatever your heart desires. Miyuki Yoshida, a professional paper engineer, created thirty sheets in a way that allows people to find their own way of enjoying the book. Each pop-up sheet is intricately designed using simple colors. The delicate paper-cutting and folding work changes its appearance depending on the angle from which it is seen. ''You will see how a sheet of paper turns into a piece of artwork,'' Yoshida comments. Art of Paper-Folding for Pop-up also offers a growing number of paper-craft enthusiasts a font of inspiriting folding and cutting ideas.

ISBN/EAN : 9784894446861

Pagination : 30 p.

Format : 0 x 0

Année d'édition : 2008