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[ Lisbon Architectural Guide 1948-2013 ]



Prix : 37,00 euros TTC


This comprehensive guide to the post-war architecture of Lisbon divides the city into sixteen urban districts, organised into individual chapters with an introductory text and a map displaying the location of each selected project, which in turn are illustrated with photographs and drawings along with relevant data and explanatory text. The year 1948 saw the conclusion of the master plan for the city of Lisbon coordinated by Étienne de Gröer, something that has deeply marked the way in which the municipality has been organised up until the present day. The examples chosen were also considered in response to social and community interests, and avoid limited perspectives.

Illustrations black and white

ISBN/EAN : 9789899846203

Pagination : 374 p.

Format : 140 x 190

Année d'édition : 2018