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Plethora - In Tremolo

Plethora - In Tremolo

by Adam Jeppesen

In Tremolo signifies the final stage of Adam Jeppesen’s expansive Flatlands Camp Project. Based on the 487 day photographic journey from pole to pole and five years of artistic endeavour, the book marks the conclusion of an extraordinary voyage into a world of ethereal landscapes devoid of any finite markers.
The all-pervading visual noise from dust and scratches on the negatives continue to cloud the transparency of the motifs and fundamentally alters their expression. The grainy and desecrated images become fragmentary portraits of a reverberating terrestrial surface that sends vibrations through its impressions, like visual music. As a poem composed of images In Tremolo presents a vision of the terrestrial landscape from a vaporous, almost planetary perspective.

Limited edition of 240
Numbered and signed by the artist.
Printed by Narayana Press Yoga Ashram
48 pages, off-set print
Sewn binding with open stitch
Handmade archival folder of dead-stock fibre carton with ribbon closure
Format: 43 cm x 30,7 cm, 170g paper

Text by Marie Laurberg - Luisiana Museum of Modern Art

320 x 435
Adam Jeppesen, Marie Laurberg
  • 155 €


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