Paisajismo 43

Paisajismo 43


High Line Park
Nature takes over the high line that crosses Manhattan, a fact that has encouraged its preservation and restoration in the form of a unique public park.
Swimming Baths within a Former Shellfish Farm
On the coast of Asturias, an abandoned shellfish farm is converted into a public swimming pool with the minimum, sustainable, intervention to bring this natural enclave back to life.
Maselake Park
Alongside the Maselake canal in Berlin, a post-industrial landscape is restored and conditioned with a creative and functional urban design.
The New Look of Can Mulà
In Mollet del Vallès, the new look of the Can Mulà park blends the green space into the urban structure using an evocative play on positives and negatives.
Gary Comer Youth Center Green Roof
The roof of this youth centre in Chicago is transformed into a fruitful urban orchard and into an educational green space where nature can be enjoyed.
Outdoor spaces
Public | Plaza Ricard Viñes
In homage to the virtuoso pianist, the design of this central point in Lleida blends the labyrinth elements with musically-inspired pieces.
Private | Concrete House II
Half hidden by vegetation, the architectural design of this large concrete home is softened and benefits from the ecological properties.
Ephemeral | CDSea
A sea of recycled compact discs forms a fleeting, glittering artwork in the South of England, capable of reflecting different landscapes.
ART AND NATURE | Campo da Ataca
The battle that led to the independence of Portugal is represented by a sculptural group of seven warriors whose presence unites history, art and the landscape.
Ecogenetic Landscaping
The valuable work of the Brazilian landscape architect Fernando Chacel is based on the process of ''ecogenesis'', to restore degraded areas by reviving their ecosystems.
Visiting gardens
The Berlin Wall Gardens
The restoration of the wasteland areas resulting from the fall of the Berlin Wall unfolds an interesting circuit of landscape projects.
Green spaces
The Role of Urban Trees
Beyond the aesthetic function of trees in urban centres, there are numerous benefits to be gained in terms of the health and well-being of the inhabitants.
Wood in Outdoor Spaces
Choosing wood as a construction material in the design of outdoor spaces is an option with infinite possibilities and multiple benefits.
The latest developments in lighting, urban furniture, paving, gardening...
Flowing Gardens
The gardens flow synthesizing architecture and landscape within the new complex that will host the World Horticultural Expo 2011, held in the city of Xi'an.
Citizen Activity Open Center
Sixty-nine large parasols arise in the CAAC square in Córdoba, generating an urban ecosystem that promotes the development of multiple public activities.
Tel Nordau Ventilation Duct
The ventilation of a parking in a district in Tel Aviv has been solved by means of a functional shaft, which has become an important point of social interest.
The Parc de l'Alba Green Corridor
By linking two great natural parks in the province of Barcelona, this intervention preserves natural habitats and ensures the required biological connectivity between them.
Environmental recovery of Calafell beach
With the creation of the 'Parc de Mar', it has been aimed to reorder the maritime environment, recall fishing traditions and restore the relationship between the promenade and the ocean.
PUBLIC | Green Roof of Financial Campus Santander Group
Klee and Mondrian have inspires the rooftop garden landscaping of three of the buildings included in the financial campus of Boadilla del Monte, whose works are generating great economic and ecological benefits.
PrivaTE | Agricultural essence
The construction of a traditional and evolutionary garden, able to adapt itself to new requirements and to harmonize with the agricultural landscape, enables the conversion of an old farmhouse.
EPHEMERAL | Le jardin de bâtons bleus
Pixels of Himalayan blue poppy make up a secret garden that takes part once more in this year's ''Jardins de Métis'' festival.
ART AND NATURE | Emscher, an Island for Art
The natural environment of the Ruhr mining basin comes up through Emscherkunst.2010, an exhibition of artworks that recover landscape by means of art.
Along the banks of the Douro
The city of Oporto, next to the mouth of the river Douro, offers an amazing route of public spaces of great contemporary quality and historical beauty.
Dendrochronological studies
Dating the growth of tree rings reveals great part of their intricate lives and enables us to reproduce their experiences.
Naturalized swimming pools
The technology related to natural purification systems enables the creation of bathing areas with an excellent water quality and with an extremely attractive look.
The latest products for illumination, street furniture, floorings, gardening, etc.

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