Interventions in the Architecture of Luís Barragán Humberto Spíndola

Interventions in the Architecture of Luís Barragán Humberto Spíndola

Homage to Chucho Reyes

Humberto Spíndola devises interventions in the architecture of Luis Barragán using traditional Mexican colored tissue paper.

The installations seek to reconstitute the dialogue between the painter Jesus Reyes Ferreira, who gave his palette of colors to the work of Luis Barragan, and the architecture of the Mexican master. The author suggests that this dialogue, which resulted in Barragan's use ofcolor in his architecture, was based on the use of tissue paper, the material onwhich Chucho Reyes painted his extensive oeuvre. In his unusual work, Spindola approaches tissue paper through the traditional Mexican handicraft techniques employed in the creation of decorative paperand pinatas, using noble, acid- and pigment-free materials of more recent manufacture. In the six works created for this occasion, the lightness, colour, and mobility of tissue paper interact with the light, airiness, and spaciousness of Barragan's architecture. A contemporary dialogue. Spindola has drawn on his academic training in the social sciences to widen his historical research into Mexico paper crafts, seeing the relationship between Chucho Reyes and Barraganas part of a larger history of paper and architecture, from pre-Hispanic amate paper to the minimalism of Barragan. This book is the catalogue of the exhibition of Humberto Spindola's interventions in the Casa Luis Barragan and other houses designed by the architect. It contains essays on Spindola's work by distinguished art and architecture critics Jorge Alberto Manrique, Lily Kassner, and Miquel Adria.

200 x 170
RM/Fundación de Arquitectura Tapatía Luís Barragán
Miquel Adrià, Lily Kassner, Jorge Alberto Manríque, Armando Chávez Cervantes, Marinela Barrios Otero
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