Slow Is Fast


Architecture without walls

This publication presents five architectural environments that have been conceived through auditory and literary practices.
The texts included in this book present five architectural designs realized by Vera Buhß, Giacomo Gianetta, Konstantin Schimanowski, Katharina Schmidt, and Sum-Sum Shen. Instead of being generated and displayed in graphic media and approaching the object of design visually, these architectural environments have been conceived through auditory and literary practices. The designs presented in this book provide accessibility to new architectural entities not by showing their constructive conditions of emergence, but instead by describing the emergent qualities that configure them as environments.
Alex Arteaga's research integrates aesthetic and philosophical practices relating to the emergence of sense and knowledge, architectural and art practices through phenomenological and enactivist approaches. He studied piano, music theory, composition, electroacoustic music, and architecture in Berlin and Barcelona, and received a PhD in philosophy from the Humboldt University. He heads the Auditory Architecture Research at the Berlin University of the Arts.

Boris Hassenstein runs his architectural studio based in Berlin. A strong focus of his work is set on the aspects of construction as a process and collaboration in the genesis of architecture. He studied architecture in Berlin. Currently he teaches at the MA Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at the Berlin University of the Arts and is a member of the Auditory Architecture Research Unit at the Berlin University of the Arts.

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Alex Arteaga and Boris Hassenstein
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