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Abstraccion y luz / Abstraction and light

Abstraccion y luz / Abstraction and light

The Alhambra has been a source of inspiration for the artist, photographer, historian and architecture critic William J.R. Curtis (Birchington, 1948). Considered one of the most important historians of architecture of our time as well as an internationally regarded painter and photographer.
As well as exhibiting paintings, drawings and photographs of a profoundly emotional nature, the exhibition also explores a way of viewing architecture and landscape in which particular emphasis is placed on light, shade, water and space. The Chapel of the Palace of Charles V ''has been transformed into a sound box thanks to the abstract paintings that seem to float in space. In the darkened adjoining room, the projected images focus on light as a universal feature of architecture over the centuries''.

The exhibition is accompanied by a long bilingual catalogue (Spanish and English) produced in collaboration with TF Editores and designed by Carmen Moreno. The catalogue includes an introduction by Álvaro Siza Vieira, various essential texts about abstraction by William J.R. Curtis himself, an epilogue by Juan Domingo Santos and various other critical reflections about the artist by different authors.

240 x 320
Patronato de la Alhambra y Generalife
William J.R. Curtis
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