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                      Christian Kerez - El Croquis
                      121,60 €

                      A special hardcover edition examines more than two decades of practice by Swiss architect Christian Kerez. Presented are 26 varied projects, including education, housing, and commercial and public functions. The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, the Flemish Radio and Television Headquarters (VRT), the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Muttenz, and Werkbund Wiesenfeld Residential Estate are among the notable works. Essays, the architect’s own photographs, and two conversations (with Georg Franck and with Catherine Dumont D’Ayot, Anh-Linh Ngo, and Nikolai von Rosen) add critical depth to this analysis of one who sees his work as an “adventure”.

                      El Croquis 133
                      59,95 €

                      As an architect and artist Juan Navarro Baldeweg is not only a multi-faceted talent but also one of the most highly acclaimed Spanish architects living today.
                      El Croquis provides a survey of fifteen buildings and projects produced over the last decade which includes the Museum of the Altamira Prehistoric Caves and the extensions for the Reina Sofia National Art Museum.
                      All projects are extensively documented with full page photographs, plans, elevations and explanatory texts and accompanied by an interview with Navarro Baldeweg and an essay by William J.R. Curtis.

                      ENGLISH / ESPAGNOL

                      El Croquis 148 - Collective Experiments. Spanish Architects 2010
                      59,95 €

                      Do the workgroups featured in this publication share a national context?
                      Some of them (the two in Barcelona) are not headed by people who were
                      born in Spain nor have a Spanish nationality.
                      They have assistants who
                      have been trained at universities around the world. The architects who
                      head these studios are part of a minority much closer to academia and
                      the exceptional project than to the generic architectural market.
                      Almost all of them have devoted part pf their time to publications and
                      teaching. This issue contains works by Arquitecto VLC, Arquitectos
                      Paredes Pedrosa, Estudio IP, Estudio JDS, Arquitectos López Rivera, and
                      cero9 Amid. The introductory essay is by Andrés Jaque.

                      ENGLISH / ESPAGNOL


                      El Croquis 172 Steven Holl
                      80,70 €

                      This special issue features 25 recent projects by acclaimed American architect Steven Holl, many of them in China.
                      Besides his widely published Sliced Porosity Block in Chengdu, the magazine also profiles designs for the Glasgow School of Art, the Campbell Sports Centre, arts centres at Princeton University and Virginia Commonwealth University, the HEART Herning Museum of Contemporary Art, the Knut Hamsun Centre, V&A Dundee and the ecology and planning museums in Tianjin Eco-city, among others.
                      The issue includes a conversation with Holl and Sol Madridejos, Juan Carlos Sancho and Antón García Abril, plus an analytical essay by Thomas de Monchaux.

                      ENGLISH / SPANISH

                      El Croquis 184 AMID.CERO9 MOS
                      65,10 €

                      In this instalment, the focus is on two of today's progressive practices: Spain's AMID.cero9 and New York-based MOS Architects. Featuring recent work from the past several years, plus critical essays by the architects and others, a revealing image and comparison of the two architect duos emerges.
                      Seven projects by AMID.cero9 are explored in depth, including the Fuente Santa Spa, Pavilion for Sharjah Biennial 11, and the Clunia Archaeological Site Visitor Centre. A variety of more than twenty projects by MOS Architects also appears, among them private homes, pavilions, mixed-use buildings, and more, including an art historian's library and Hawai's Presidential Center.

                      ENGLISH / ESPAGNOL

                      El Croquis 217 - Arrhov Frick, Groupwork
                      El Croquis 217 - Arrhov Frick, Groupwork
                      95 €

                      This instalment of ‘El Croquis’ is made up of two volumes featuring special selections of outstanding works and projects from two architecture offices. In the first volume are the works by Swedish architects Johan Arrhov and Henrik Frick of Arrhov Frick between 2015–2022. Also included is 'How simple Can We Build,’ a conversation led by Ilka and Andreas Ruby, as well as an essay by Professor Philip Ursprung. The second volume showcases the works and awards of London-based architectural practice Groupwork between 2012–2022. Amin Taha, director of Groupwork is interviewed by Cristina Díaz Moreno and Efrén García Grinda in 'Tectonics and History.’

                      The very best Works at the Turn of the Century
                      124 €

                      A selection of the most prominent works of architecture selected by El Croquis with an introduction by Juan Antonio Cortés and an essay by William Curtis.
                      Among the works are the Sendai Mediatheque by Toyo Ito, the Dutch Embassy in Berlin by Rem Koolhaas, the Braga Municipal Stadium by Eduardo Souto de Moura, the Prada Aoyama Epicenter by Herzog & De Meuron in Tokyo, the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art expansion by Steven Holl, the Neues Museum by David Chipperfield, the Toledo Glass Pavilion by SANAA-Sejima & Nishizawa and others.