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                      2G n°52 Sauerbruch Hutton
                      29,50 €

                      Sauerbruch Hutton is a practice founded by Matthias Sauerbruch and Louisa Hutton with its main offices in Berlin and London. Active as an independent concern for upwards of twenty years, they have developed a personal language that is essentially characterised by two evident features: the free, sinuous forms of some of their buildings and a bold, emphatic use of colour.

                      Subtending these obvious characteristics are other no less important ones that are in some way derived from the first ones. We are referring to their wish to create a sense of place, whatever the situation, be it in an urban centre or in a rundown industrial area on the outskirts. Their buildings are gestures on an urban scale that resolve the programme of needs defined by the client and establish a dialogue with the location.

                      Likewise, it is worth highlighting the strong backing they give to an architectural approach based on sustainability. Sauerbruch Hutton defend and construct a holistic idea of the sustainable that incorporates the aesthetic and sensual pleasure the users of the buildings experience as well as an energy-based analysis of the constructional process or passive and active energy systems. In short, theirs is a defence of sustainability that acts in a resolute way, without artifice or pretentiousness.

                      The introductory texts at the beginning of the volume, written by Barry Bergdoll and Philip Ursprung, analyse all these issues and provide us with clues to understanding and contextualising the work of Sauerbruch Hutton. Barry Berdoll (currently Chief Curator of Architecture and Design at the MoMA in New York) offers a panoramic vision of their work. Bergdoll plots an historical route that begins with their famous GSW Building in Berlin (1991-1999), an icon of urban acupuncture, sited in the recently configured territory of East Germany, which served as a boost to revitalising the area. His essay contextualises the recent work of the architects presented later in the magazine.

                      In his essay Philip Ursprung, Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art at Universität Zürich, defends the iconic value of Sauerbruch Hutton's work, not as something negative but the opposite, rather: the ability of the architects to work with what they find in the location, city centre or rundown periphery, and to reveal through their intervention characteristics that would otherwise go unnoticed.

                      Presented in the central part of the magazine are recent works and projects that illustrate the features and ambitions of Sauerbruch Hutton's oeuvre at different scales, from urban projects to university and corporate buildings. Among the former, we publish the study for the Masséna Bruneseau area (Paris), the urban plan for the entrance to Tilburg (The Netherlands), a proposal for the city of Doha (Qatar), and a housing competition for a rapidly expanding area of the city of Helsinki, which the architects won in 2009.

                      Among the latter, it is worth highlighting the Federal Environmental Agency (Dessau), a building finished in 2005 that we have revisited and re-photographed in order to show its evolution. Also the building for the Municipal Savings Bank (Oberhausen), the Jessop West building for the University of Sheffield, the recently completed office buildings beside the Rhine in Cologne, and the high-rise building for the KfW Bankengruppe (Frankfurt). The sustainable energy analysis in these works is illustrated by means of numerous schemas and building details. Similarly, we might emphasise the Museum Brandhorst, a museum for a private collection opened in 2009 in the museums area of Munich, which is notable for its facade and spatial concept.

                      Lastly, and coinciding with the studio's twentieth anniversary, in the nexus section Sauerbruch Hutton offer us a personal reflection on the evolution of their professional practice and their more relevant preoccupations, such as sustainability, art, and the relationship between the physical and the visual world.

                      2G n°56 Ábalos+Sentkiewicz
                      29,50 €

                      Since its foundation in 2006, the work done by Abalos+Sentkiewicz, one of the two offices into which the former Abalos&Herreros studio split, has stood out on the Spanish and international architecture scene for its original synthesis of technical rigour, formal richness and its integrating of architecture, landscape and environment.

                      A process revealed
                      33 €

                      This volume details the design and construction process behind the Murray Grove, an extraordinary nine-storey residential development in central London.
                      The tallest building of its kind to be made entirely of timber, the structure will have a profound effect on the way we build in the future. Constructed on time and under budget, the building has pushed forward the boundaries of wood use in contemporary construction.

                      The book shows how London-based architectural firm Waugh Thistleton worked closely with the engineer and manufacturers throughout the design and assembly to enhance the building's performance and make the structure possible.
                      Detailed technical information, diagrams and descriptions are included here, along with a full description of the process by Wallpaper magazine Design and Arts Editor Henrietta Thompson.

                      A+T 52 Paradises - Urban Park Strategies
                      33 €

                      The fifth volume of the 'Strategy' series is dedicated to urban parks. Through a selection of projects, the magazine identifies and analyses design strategies with which to create accessible, natural paradises for the urban dweller. To study the projects from the perspective of these strategies is to venture into the relationships that emerge between them, and - as a consequence - between the projects themselves. Initiated in 2010, the 'Strategy' series defines scalar scopes, evidences disciplinary origins, and composes a grid that overlaps the project to offer a new vision of it.


                      A+U 399 Architecture in China
                      25 €

                      Interview: Glimpses of China with Peter G. Rowe
                      Interviewer: Tomohisa Miyauchi
                      Urban Design of the Central Axis in Beijing AS&P- Albert Speer & Partner
                      2008 Beijing Olympic Green Sasaki Associates
                      National Swimming Center PTW Architects + CSCEC + Arup Group
                      National Stadium Herzog & de Meuron
                      Wukesong Cultural and Sports Center Bruckhardt + Partner AG
                      New Headquarters for China Central Television (CCTV)
                      Rem Koolhaas/OMA (First prize), Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects (Finalist)
                      National Grand Theater
                      Paul Andreu (First prize), Arata Isozaki and Associates (Finalist)
                      Chinese Museum of Film RTKL + BIADR
                      Interview with Scott Kilbourn Interviewer: Ma Weidong
                      Beijing International Automotive Expo
                      HENN Architekten in cooperation with B+H Architects
                      Essay: ''City of Objects aka City of Desire'' Yung Ho Chang
                      Essay: ''Making an Urban Environment'' Riken Yamamoto
                      Interview with Pan Shiyi Interviewer: Ma Weidong
                      Interview with Wu Jiang Interviewer: Ma Weidong
                      Jin Mao Tower Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
                      Jiushi Corporation Headquarters Foster and Partners
                      Shanghai World Financial Center Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates
                      Museum in Shanghai-Pudong von Gerkan, Marg and Partner, Architects
                      Jindong New Development Area, Jinhua Herzog & de Meuron
                      Liusha Peninsula Development Steven Holl, MVRDV
                      Essay: ''Urban Planning and EXPO 2010 Shanghai'' Zheng Shiling
                      Father's House in Jade Mountain Ma Qingyun
                      Luyeyuan Stone Sculpture Art Museum Liu Jiakun
                      Chinese Art Archives & Warehouse Ai Weiwei
                      Extension for Mei Shan Building Wang Yun
                      Pingod (Apple) Sales Center/Art Museum Yung Ho Chang
                      Eastern Modern Art Center Yung Ho Chang
                      New 798 Art Area
                      Warehouse on Suzhou Riverbank Teng Kunyen
                      Educational Currents
                      Part 6: Peking University Graduate Center of Architecture, China

                      ENGLISH / JAPANESE

                      A+U 478 Expo 2010 Shanghai
                      34,15 €

                      Issue 478 of Architecture and Urbanism has a twofold focus. The cutting-edge pavilions of 34 nations at this year's Shanghai Expo are photographed and analysed. Further, recently completed building projects in Beijing are profiled, including medium and small scale developments that contrast sharply with the city's large scale Olympic projects, alongside an essay discussing the socio-political dynamics of developer-architect interactions in contemporary Beijing.

                      ENGLISH / JAPANESE

                      A+U 589 19:10 Drawings from the Kenzo Tange Archive - National Gymnasiums for Tokyo Olympics
                      35 €

                      This issue features the recently restored original drawings for the National Gymnasiums for the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo, which are part of the Kenzo Tange Archive at Harvard University. These technical drawings allow an understanding of the architecture in great detail, and likewise offer a glimpse into the mind of its creator, one of the most admired architects of the 20th century. The magazine is guest edited by Seng Kuan and presents a series of viewpoints and commentaries by experts from Japan and elsewhere, such as an interview with Koichi Sone and a conversation with Fumihiko Maki and Kengo Kuma, as well as essays by structural engineer Mike Schlaich.


                      A+U 594 - Architecture in Chile - In Search of a New Identity
                      34,95 €

                      For many, it is the utopian vacation homes that brought Chilean architecture into the international spotlight, and yet now we are beginning to see a different group of architects investigating less individualistic visions. Chile's idyllic landscape offers a perfect canvas for its architects to express poetry in their designs. As they engage with public or non-profit projects that focus on social and sustainable issues that had little traction under Chile's oppressive military regime (1973-1990), they seek to forge a new cultural identity in a united land. This issue features a variety of work by Smiljan Radic, Max Núñez, Cazu Zegers Architects, OWAR Architects, Guillermo Acuña, and others.


                      A+U April 2018 Extra Issue PASSIVETOWN
                      29 €

                      Japanese Magazine Architecture Urbanism

                      "Passivetown" is a housing project being developed by the YKK Group in Japan since 2015, on a site previously occupied by YKK dormitories. Its goal is to bring next-generation community development to the city of Kurobe by creating a housing complex whose energy needs are met to the greatest extent possible through natural energy sources. These include solar heat, the region's abundant subterranean water, and a seasonal wind that blows in spring and summer. Six apartment blocks have been designed according to passive design principles, and three of these were completed by June 2017. This special issue examines the buildings' passive design strategies in detail.

                      128 p, ills colour & bw


                      Abstraccion y luz / Abstraction and light
                      27 €

                      The Alhambra has been a source of inspiration for the artist, photographer, historian and architecture critic William J.R. Curtis (Birchington, 1948). Considered one of the most important historians of architecture of our time as well as an internationally regarded painter and photographer.
                      As well as exhibiting paintings, drawings and photographs of a profoundly emotional nature, the exhibition also explores a way of viewing architecture and landscape in which particular emphasis is placed on light, shade, water and space. The Chapel of the Palace of Charles V ''has been transformed into a sound box thanks to the abstract paintings that seem to float in space. In the darkened adjoining room, the projected images focus on light as a universal feature of architecture over the centuries''.

                      The exhibition is accompanied by a long bilingual catalogue (Spanish and English) produced in collaboration with TF Editores and designed by Carmen Moreno. The catalogue includes an introduction by Álvaro Siza Vieira, various essential texts about abstraction by William J.R. Curtis himself, an epilogue by Juan Domingo Santos and various other critical reflections about the artist by different authors.

                      AIA Guide to the Architecture of Washington, D.C.
                      24 €

                      This lively and informative guide offers tourists, residents, and architecture aficionados alike insights into more than 400 of Washington, D.C.'s, most important landmarks. Organized into 19 discrete tours, this thoroughly redesigned and updated edition includes 45 new entries, encompassing the House of Sweden and the U.S. Institute of Peace, classic buildings that epitomize the city-the White House, the Capitol, Union Station-and a number of private buildings off the beaten path.

                      G. Martin Moeller, Jr., blends informed, concise descriptions with engaging commentary on each landmark, revealing often-surprising details of the buildings' history and design. Every entry is accompanied by a photograph and includes the structure's location, its architects and designers, and the corresponding dates of completion. Each entry is keyed to an easy-to-read map at the beginning of the tour.

                      From the imposing monuments of Capitol Hill and the Mall to the pastoral suburban enclaves of Foxhall and Cleveland Park, from small memorials to vast commercial and institutional complexes, this guide shows us a Washington that is at once excitingly fresh and comfortably familiar.

                      Edited by Johns Hopkins University Press

                      AMC Béton
                      29 €

                      Numéro exceptionnel pour explorer toutes les propriétés du béton.

                      23 projets européens et internationaux classés selon quatre thèmes :

                      Bilingue français / anglais

                      Annales économies, sociétés, civilisations
                      33 €

                      Traite de l'urbanisme dans la Chine antique et médiévale, de l'histoire de l'urbanisation américaine avant 1880, de la ville soviétique, ainsi que d'une enquête sur les Ordres Mendiants dans la France médiévale.

                      Nombreux croquis dans le texte, une vue aérienne et un plan replié de la ville grecque ancienne de : ''Mégara Hyblaea'', ainsi que des plans de Paris.

                      Traces de scotch sur la 1ère page. Bon état général.

                      ar/t/chitecture 01
                      13 €

                      Exposer une oeuvre architecturale suscite fréquemment un questionnement légitime sur sa conception, son impact environnemental, ses composants structurels et même sur son évolution dans le temps.

                      ar/t/chitecture stimule cette interrogation par l'image, sans déclencher un plaidoyer artificiel ou arbitraire sur l'objet présenté. La sensibilité de chacun peut être émoustillée par la beauté d'une construction, par ses formes, ses matériaux ou simplement par l'ingéniosité requise lors de sa création. Les dés sont jetés... Les prémices des projets dévoilés vous transporteront, page après page, vers une critique animée mais qui restera en ''libre-pensée''.

                      Regardez, ressentez et évaluez la multiplicité architecturale qu'offre notre pays par cette balade illustrée. Une agréable flânerie empreinte de rêveries !

                      18 €

                      Cette maquette d'architecture prédécoupée n'attend que vous pour être montée du côté noir ou blanc.
                      Un brin de patience est de précision seront les clés de votre réussite.
                      Découvrez une approche ludique et graphique de l'architecture contemporaine.

                      Archiprix International Madrid 2015
                      33,70 €

                      Every two years, Archiprix International invites all 1,600 university level courses in the field of architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture to select their best graduation projects and submit these for participation.
                      This publication displays a representative selection of the projects submitted, including the nominees and winners chosen by an independent jury, and the favourites chosen by the participants themselves, supplemented by a representative selection that offers a picture of the range of designs and the graphical distribution across all continents.

                      Archis n°2 AL Times
                      16,46 €


                      Vertigo, the Architecture Faculty by Bert Dirrix

                      Architecture as magic or science

                      Snapshots or shoot-outs

                      Architecture about c+d
                      29 €

                      Le titre de ce livre n'a jamais voulu sortir autrement qu'en anglais.
                      Snobisme dira-t-on ! Mais About (au sujet de) a immédiatement collé à l'identité de cette publication et aux intentions de ses deux protagonistes, Nicolas Crégut et Laurent Duport. Car dès la préparation de cet ouvrage, ces deux architectes du sud de la France avaient donné le ton. Un livre oui, mais à certaines conditions...

                      Règle n°1 : pas d'éloge ! On ne parle pas d'eux ou alors seulement par bâtiments ou personnages interposés.
                      Règle n°2 : il est question d'architecture mais aussi d'art contemporain, de mobilier, de design, de littérature, de jazz et de cigares.
                      Règle n°3 : interdiction formelle d'écrire quoique ce soit sur les architectes sans inviter à la fête les ouvriers, les étudiants, les maîtres d'ouvrages, les toreros, Mies Van Der Rohe, Gilles Deleuze et Le Corbusier.
                      Règle n°4 : l'architecture a de nombreux caprices et le temps qu'on passe à les lui céder mérite bien une mise en lumière des coulisses de la profession.

                      '' About C + D '' est un portrait aux contours incertains qui esquisse l'univers de deux architectes en brassant pêle-mêle, les agendas tyranniques, les nuits sans sommeil, les flûtes à champagne, l'effervescence de l'agence, les chantiers poussiéreux et les blanches maquettes...

                      Architecture in Scotland 2002-2004
                      10 €

                      Featuring a wide variety of recent Scottish architectural projects as well discussing a range of contemporary topics, this publication provides not only a helpful guide but also a timely insight into the growing confidence of Scottish architecture.

                      Arquine 22
                      14,40 €

                      Habitar en forma :

                      Central de Arquitectura
                      TEN Arquitectos
                      Derek Dellekamp
                      Lopez Baz y Calleja

                      ENGLISH / SPANISH

                      Art populaire slovaque (2 tomes)
                      80 €

                      Tome 1 : Architecture, costumes et broderies, 15 pages de texte et une centaine de planches d'illustrations en noir ou contrecollées en couleurs, légendes des illustrations en fin d'ouvrage.
                      Tome 2 : Céramique, sculpture, peinture, non paginé, iconographie abondante en noir et nombreuses illustrations contrecollées en couleurs.

                      Cartonnés sous jaquette illustrée. Bon état.

                      Arte y arquitectura: nuevas afinidades
                      31,74 €

                      Arte y Arquitectura examina los paralelismos existentes en la evolucion reciente del arte y la arquitectura en el ambito internacional. Los limites se desdibujan a medida que objetivos y actitudes convergen. Las intervenciones y los lugares se parecen cada dia mas. El espacio de tiempo que abarca este estudio comprende las dos ultimas decadas del siglo xx (1978-1998. El libro consta de dos partes. En la pagina izquierda de cada capitulo se muestra la obra de un artista y en la de la derecha, la de un arquitecto. Las obras aparecen reunidas segun conceptos y presentadas en ocho apartados que identifican las caracteristicas mas importantes de cada proyecto.

                      Looks at the commonalities shared by art and architecture in the past 20 years, showing similar results from divergent disciplines and ways of thinking. Includes work from Turrell, Carpenter, Zumthor, Worndl, Kormeling, Gueze, et al.

                      As Built Caruso St John Architects
                      450 €

                      a+t ediciones launches a monograph on the work of the London studio Caruso St John Architects. Edited by Aurora Fernández Per, the book, titled As Built, compiles some twenty projects of the studio, among them their latest built works: the new classrooms at Hallfield School, and a private residence called the Brick House. The detailed presentation of the works is illustrated with photos by Hélène Binet, and the book also includes several articles by Peter St. John and Adam Caruso in which they give their opinions on themes like tradition, novelty, and other controversial matters. The London architect and critic Christopher Woodward profiles the studio within the context of English architecture, while Eric Lapierre, architect and professor in Marne-La-Vallée, analyzes its position in the continuum of architectural history. To complete the monograph, Aurora Fernández Per and Javier Mozas interview Adam Caruso and Peter St John on their beginnings, on the way their studio works, and on the resistant posture they maintain against dominant trends. Caruso and St. John set up the practice in 1990 and first became known through modest jobs like the Studio House or the Dwelling in Lincolnshire. In 1995 they earned international recognition by winning the competition for the New Art Gallery in the English city of Walsall. The completion of the building in the year 2000 made true the expectations that the studio had raised, and since then it has carried out a series of projects that is characterized by coherence, sobriety, and a search for emotion through built reality.

                      Très illustré en couleurs et N/B

                      Très bon état / VERY GOOD CONDITION

                      29 €

                      Extensive and detailed artistic and technical information for swimming pool construction both for domestic and public use.

                      GERMAN TEXTS

                      Etat moyen