The Avant-Garde in Russia 1910-1930

The Avant-Garde in Russia 1910-1930

Groundbreaking exhibition of Russian and Soviet art, with a special focus on Suprematism and Constructivism. Full of great information, excellent biographical entries. Essential art history. Contents: Stephanie Barron, ''The Russian Avant-Garde: A View from the West''; David Schapiro, ''Art and Poetry: The Cubo-Futurists: An Interview with Roman Jakobson''; Jean Claude Marcade, ''K. S. Malevich: From Black Quadrilateral (1913) to White on White (1917): From the Eclipse of Objects to the Liberation of Space''; Michail Grobman, ''About Malevich''; Magdalena Dabrowski, ''The Plastic Revolution: New Concepts of Form, Content, Space, and Materials in the Russian Avant-Garde''; Charlotte Douglas, ''0-10 Exhibition''; Dmitri Sarabianov, ''The Painting of Liubov Popova''; Valentine Marcade, ''Vasilii Ermilov and Certain Aspects of Ukrainian Art of the Early Twentieth Century''; John E. Bowlt, ''Alexandr Rodchenko as Photographer''; Vasilii Rakitin, ''Gustav Klucis: Between the Non-Objective World and World Revolution''; Alma H. Law, ''The Revolution in the Russian Theater''; Szymon Bojko, ''Agit-Prop Art: The Streets were their Theatre''; Szymon Bojko, ''Vkhutemas''; Jelena Hahl-Koch, ''Kandinsky's Role in the Avant-Garde''; Boris Brodsky, ''El Lissitzky''; Alan C. Birnholz, ''El Lissitzky and the Spectator: From Passivity to Participation''; Gail Harrison ...

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