Louis I. Kahn: The Construction of the Kimbell Art Museum

Louis I. Kahn: The Construction of the Kimbell Art Museum

This publication on the construction of the Kimbell Art Museum by Louis I. Kahn may prove very useful to students, and to anyone interested in gaining further knowledge of the distinctive features of the Kimbell museum. It documents the long and arduous quest that often characterizes a creative process-- even that of a great master such as Louis I. Kahn. The design of the Kimbell Art Museum is the product of extraordinary intuition, and results in a masterly synthesis that solves all the problems posed by the site and the specific purpose of the construction.

i Cataloghi dell'Accademia di architettura 2:
The series ''I Cataloghi'' documents the exhibitions, i.e. reviews undertaken by the Academy of Architecture of the architectural works and events of the 20th century. The initial stages are dedicated primarily to a comparison between the principal figures of this century and contemporary emerging architects. This comparison attempts to trace the link that unites the birth and development of a theory to its subsequent concrete application, along the 'winding path' of research. The exhibitions and their accompanying catalogues aim to offer all readers, not only those attending the Academy, a review of architects and architectural works that have enriched and continue to enrich the discipline of building.

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