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[ Where architects stay - Lodgings for design enthusiasts ]



Prix : 29,90 euros TTC


It bodes well when architecture meets vacation. It is a combination that promises relaxation and pleasure, inspiration and style, all in one.
Every one of the more than 60 vacation domiciles presented in this guide to architecture and accommodation is a unique jewel that meets, perhaps even exceeds, the high esthetic expectations of the traveling architect. A brief encounter with any one of these will make the heart of every design entusaist beat a little faster.
Each of these very special lodgings is distinguished by the highest stylistic quality, personal touches, orginality, and passion for detail: Whether minimalist, experimental, posh or lavish; whether newly built or refurbished: whether houseboat, luxury loft or treehouse...

Sibylle Kramer


ISBN/EAN : 9783037682081

Pagination : 207 p.

Format : 190 x 230

Année d'édition : 2016