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[ Naoto Fukasawa - Embodiment ]



Prix : 75,00 euros TTC


Naoto Fukasawa, Embodiment perfectly captures renowned Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa's perspective on the dynamic interplay between people, places, and things, placing the designer's work into the context of the contemporary design world and offering a first-hand account of his design philosophy.

Embodiment refers to the way people's experiences of the world are influenced by the subtle qualities of the objects they come into contact with and the environments they inhabit.

Fukasawa has always been fascinated by people's behaviour in everyday life, and particularly by the ways in which they function intuitively, with little or no conscious awareness of the objects and environments with which they interact. Fukasawa's notion of Embodiment can be seen throughout this book in more than one hundred of his latest designs.


ISBN/EAN : 9780714876078

Pagination : 287 p.

Format : 255 x 297

Année d'édition : 2018