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[ POROSIS The Architecture of Nuno Brandão Costa ]



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POROSIS invites an intense look at the work of the new figure in the Porto School of Architecture, after Eduardo Souto Moura and Álvaro Siza. The singularity of Nuno Brandão Costa's work lies in his sustained attention to the primary elements of construction and its plasticity.

Through new materials and techniques, his work has built upon the clarity of traditional Portu- guese architecture. André Cepeda travelled for some months photographing the work of Nuno Brandão Costa. More a sensitive approach than a literal document, this book is a powerful testimony of Portuguese architecture nowadays, and in particular of the surprising work of this architect.

The images by one of the most highly regarded Portuguese photographers brilliantly challenge the limits of an architectural monograph.

by Nuno Brandão Costa (Author),
André Cepeda (Author),
Daniela Sá (Contributor),
João Carmo Simões (Contributor),
José Miguel Rodrigues (Contributor)

Publisher: Monade

ISBN/EAN : 9789899948525

Pagination : 412 p.

Format : 190 x 250

Année d'édition : 2017