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Prix : 44,00 euros TTC


A former coal and steel production plant in Duisburg, Germany, the Meiderich Ironworks left the area around it significantly polluted when it was abandoned in 1985. In 1991, Peter Latz's firm was commissioned to design a public park on the site, but rather than turning the area into a classical garden with beautifying agricultural and forest patterns, Latz embraced the site's industrial past, retaining many of its structures. Today the Landscape Park Duisburg Nord is one of the world's most remarkable examples of dealing with the complex legacy of industry.

In Rust Red, Latz uses his firsthand knowledge of the project to present an in-depth account of the park's development. Recounting twelve years of planning and realization, Latz describes how he focused on the multifaceted information system of urban infrastructure and industry to create the park. Essays by renowned collaborators complement his narrative, while three hundred color photographs, sketches, and plans provide additional insight. Revealing the intriguing world that follows industry, Rust Red tells the fascinating story of the park's transformation on the occasion of its twenty-fifth anniversary.

ISBN/EAN : 9783777424279

Pagination : 208 p.

Format : 220 x 280

Année d'édition : 2017